"To Frank: The way from romantic experiments to the sculptor's truth is full of bends and obstacles - from feeling to knowledge." A. R. Penck

Frank BreidenbruchFrank Breidenbruch is an artist as we meet them in the classic period of modern arts: He philosophizes about the first and the last reasons of our existence and illustrates his thoughts, or he follows his inspirations and bases them, already during the procedure of realization, on theoretical items. For him creation and reflection go close together, he knows the meaning of what he does or wants to do, but whatever occurs unexpectedly and by coincidence is welcome and integrated without effort in his work revolving around the essential.

What is essential for Frank Breidenbruch? The human conditions and restrictions, the beyond of his means, the overcoming of his bounds, the exploration of unkonwn spheres in foreign cultures, in foreign minds. The always new but as well coherent application of forms und contents is the way and the aim of this widely talented and fastidious artist who constantly proves the transition from imagination to reality: one of his favourite words is "valid".

He has already been preoccupied by this question during his training as a stonemason, when he manufactured tombstones. What is important, what stays important in the face of the end of life? With his work as a free sculptor and his studies at the academy, in meetings und cooperations with other artists, in extraordinary projects he expanded the circle: To which dangers are we bound and how to resist them? The chance is an active being, for himself an active life for and in the arts. Beside sculpture, plastic art and drawing he discovered painting and installation, from then on all technics grow together to the complex unities of exhibitions.

He collected important ideas travelling the continents, meeting people, visiting places, listening to legends, living and working in other cultures whose traces, transformed into somethings new, influence his creation. By means of universal synthesis of form and content he invents symbols which join present, past and future.

Many works that arise from Frank Breidenbruch's talent and commitment are beautiful, they directly enjoy our perception and set up our dreaming, others are frightening, they force us to analyze what appears natural, often both aspects are inseparably connected. A few things are just made for the instance, most of them forever and again, carved in stone, casted in bronze, interpreted in line and surface on canvas and wooden boards.

Some answers have been found, a house, too, and a studio in a village near Carrara, near the marble quarries, but faraway from any rest you can meet Frank Breidenbruch wherever his quest will lead him, wherever arts take place.

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