Frank Breidenbruch

Born 12/31/1963 in Wuppertal


3-year stone mason and stone sculptor training


Various individual and collective exhibitions in the Bergisch land (eg siren gallery, post-nuclear action days, Sculpture Park  ​​ Leonhard & Sons Company Wuppertal)

to 1988

Free sculptural work in Wuppertal


Moved to Carrara

Beginning of sculptural work in the studio Nicoli

First meeting and resulting collaboration with AR Penck ("pensive worker") and bronze now owned by the Von der Heydt Museum, Wuppertal


Studied at the "Accademia the Belle Arti, Carrara"


Art Exhibitions at Braun & Schmidt Schloss Burg, Solingen

First "Premio Italiano" (Florence)

Symposium (1st prize) Carrara - (Ponte Cimato)

Internat. Symposium Fananno

Purchase of sculptures by the federal government for the "Gästehaus Petersberg"

Commencement of work on the sculpture group "Heavenly fallers" in collaboration with AR Penck


Collective exhibition "L'Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti"

Solo exhibition at the Wendelin chapel in the city Weil

Since then, collaborative work and assistance in the field of sculpture, stone signs, painting, graphic art with AR Penck

Master student of A.R. Penck

International Symposium Fananno

Sculpture for the town Teulada (Sardinia)


Beginning of the development of a "trail signs" in Weil der Stadt in cooperation with Christof Hussmann

Annual show house of youth "Galeria Orti Sadi Genoa"

Participation in the symposium "Trojan horse"

Sculpture for Nea Focea


3-month study trip to Thailand, Indonesia

Sculpture for Gili Trawangan

Participation in the Art Frankfurt

Participation at Art Basel

Hänel Gallery exhibition (Frankfurt)

Hänel Gallery exhibition 'Multicultural'

Recording project "Centro spirituals" in collaboration with AR Penck

Continuation of Zeichenpacours in Weil der Stadt "project Obsideo"

Winning the tender for the  Nordstädter Bürgerverein Barmen Association for a fountain sculpture

Participation in the "Cloister Exhibition" Weber Gallery (Turin, Prague)


Cooperation with A.R. Penck Crosta relief for the Taunus Anlage II, Frankfurt

Implementation of the stone ring fountain for the city of Wuppertal on behalf of the citizens Nordstädter Barmen Association eV

" Incontro A. R. Penck and Frank Breidenbruch"

Living Art Gallery in Milan / Italy

Exhibition Gallery Christa Müller-Schlegel in Wuppertal

Completion of studies at the "Accademia di Belle Arti, Carrara" with diploma


Three-month study trip sculptural work in India

Joint work with Michael Baudenbacher film

Exhibition Gallery Konstraste in Forte dei Marmi / Italy

Exhibition Gallery Christian Schneeberger, St. Gallen / Switzerland

Installation of the sculptural group "Heavenly fallers" in the Sculpture Park of Gori, in Celle (Pistoia), Italy

Stadtsparkasse exhibition Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Islandufer

Allianz Insurance Ltd Cologne exhibition "Schule Spichernstraße"

Purchase of the sculpture group "Hampis"


Work in Madras / India

Exhibition "Quo Vadis" Easel Art Gallery in Chennai

Exhibition at the meditation center in St. Benedict Bad Wimpfen

Exhibition at the Commune Palazzopublico Capua - Naples

List of Heavenly fallers in front of the city of Wuppertal Wuppertal Savings Bank on the Johannisberg

Installation in the Castell of Sorano


Re-work in India

Project "Small zeros"

February-April field trip and work in Mexico

 Lekon gallery exhibition in Essen 

Exhibition Gallery Brown, Wuppertal

Joint exhibition with sculptor Marcus De Vestele in the Garden Gallery of the company Leohards sons Wuppertal


Exhibition Gallery of Contemporary Art, Elfie drill in Bonstetten / near Zurich / Switzerland

Exhibition Wendelin chapel in the city Weil

Exhibition and sculpture project with the People's Bank in Leingarten


Exhibition at the physicians' association of North Rhine-Westphalia in Düsseldorf

Exhibition "border crossing" with Anne Martin in the gallery Kallenbach in Remagen


ART FAIR in Dusseldorf

Field trip and film project

Mexico, China, India, Japan

Exhibition gallery in Tokyo Aojama

University Museum exhibition in Mexico DF Chopo

Exhibition energy Offenbach am Main


Presentation "1/2/3 artist's book with Giani Cascone in Prato / Italy moved from Paolo Gori.

Participation in the exhibition "Arcadia" in Tokyo / Kamakura

GENO-house exhibition in Stuttgart

Several small exhibitions in Italy and Germany


Winning a competition for a fountain for Wupperverband, Wuppertal


Installation of the well system for Wupperverband in Wuppertal

various international exhibitions e.g. Prado Museum (Italy), Museum Leingarten


various international exhibition e.g. in the Cathedral of Carrara, Italy

Winner of the "Christa and Enno Springmann Prize".


New direction in 2005, destroyed by an accident sculptural group "Heavenly fallers" at the Historic Stadthalle Wuppertal

Various exhibitions in Italy.


Exhibition at the Church Suffrage / Carrara

Publication of the artist's book "Vai 15" in Italy

Beginning of the International project "Ark" (large statue of marble in Carrara / Italy)

Design Award of Wuppertal "My hour for Wuppertal" (bronze work)


Beginning of large-scale sculpture "Noah's Ark"

- Stone boat (28m) ("Alpiapuani")

- Various exhibitions at home and abroad


Work for the collection of R. Leupi (train / Switzerland)

Participation in the Bologna ART

Creation of two large bronzes for the collection of Claudio Lalli Portocervo (Sardinia)

Creation of the "Cubo Bianco" for the shows in Carrara and Verona


Study trip to Croatia

Participation in the Biennial of Carrara

Sculptures and paintings for the Museum of San Francesco, with the Italian artist Mainolfi "Testimoni"


Exhibition at the gallery "In the Castle" (Sprockhövel)

Organization of the German-Italian symposium at Canossa

Participation: Arte Fiera in Carrara - Bologna

Participation: 3 Sculpture project on the Hardt in Wuppertal

Start working with Ulle Hees at a monument to the woman's rights activist and journalist Helene Stöcker (1869 - 1943)


Fundraising event with Oliver Sachse: 100 painted porcelain plates "All dishes are flying high" in the gallery "ART IN THE VALLEY" in Wuppertal

In preparation: artist book and exhibition with the house of Eduardo Brandani (Bologna)

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